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1、平凡的脚步也可以走完伟大的行程。Ordinary steps can also through the great trip。

2、让信念坚持下去,梦想就会实现。Let faith hold on, dreams will come true。

3、你一天的爱心可能带来别人一生的感谢。Love you one day can bring others thank you life。

4、只要路是对的,就不怕路远。As long as the road is right, is not afraid of road far。

5、当机会来临时,你已经准备好了。When an opportunity comes, you are ready。

6、形成天才的决定因素应该是勤奋。Form the determinants of genius should be diligent。

7、生命没有完结,生命只有前进。Life without end, life only forward。

8、伟大的作品,不是靠力量而是靠坚持才完成的。Great work, not by strength but by insist to complete。

9、只要热情犹在,哪怕青春消逝。As long as the passion in, even if the youth dies。

10、人生能有几回搏,今日不搏何时搏。Life can have a few back to beat, today when cardiac stroke。

11、安逸的环境造就不出时代的英才。Comfort zone couldn't make the elite of The Times。

12、自私自利之心,是立人达人之障。The selfish heart, is the barrier of made people's got talent。

13、最小的善行胜过最大的善念。The smallest good is better than the biggest good thoughts。

14、如果心胸不似海,又怎能有海一样的事业。If your heart is like the sea, and how can sea the same cause。

15、用行动祈祷比用言语更能够使上帝了解。Pray with actions more than words can make understand god。

16、凡真心尝试助人者,没有不帮到自己的。All who sincerely try to help others, there is no help to her。

17、人生的烦恼,多在于知道的太多,而做的太少。Troubles in life, is to know too much more, and doing too little。

18、如果你想攀登高峰,切莫把彩虹当作梯子。If you want to climb, don't put the rainbow as a ladder。

19、顽强的毅力可以征服世界上任何一座高峰。Dogged willpower can conquer any peak in the world。

20、灰心生失望,失望生动摇,动摇生失败。Lose heart disappointed, disappointed shake, shake raw failure。

21、投资知识是明智的,投资网络中的知识就更加明智。Investment knowledge is wise, in the network knowledge is more wisely。

22、左右一个人成功的,不是能力,而是选择。About a person's success in life, not ability, but a choice。

23、自然界没有风风雨雨,大地就不会春华秋实。Nature has no ups and downs, the earth would not be fruitful achievements。

24、不积小流无以成江海,不积跬步无以至千里。Don't product the little stream beyond into jianghai, short step no。

25、要学会新东西,要不断进步,就必须放低自己的姿势。To learn new things, to progress, it must lower their position。

26、一个人除非自己有信心,否则带给别人信心。A person unless their confidence, otherwise bring confidence to others。

27、高峰只对攀登它而不是仰望它的人来说才有真正意义。Peak to climb it, not only look at its people have real significance。

28、敢于向黑暗宣战的人,心里必须充满光明。Who dares to declares war on the dark, the in the mind must be full of light。

29、勤奋是你生命的密码,能译出你一部壮丽的史诗。Diligence is the password of your life, can translate you a magnificent epic。

30、让我们将事前的忧虑,换为事前的思考和计划吧!Let's concerns, will advance change to advance thinking and planning!

31、强烈的信仰会赢取坚强的人,然后又使他们更坚强。Strong faith will win it takes a strong man, and then make them stronger。

32、一个人承受孤独的能力有多大,他的能力就有多大。How much a person's ability to withstand lonely, big of his ability。

33、所谓永恒的爱,就是从红颜到白发,从花开到花落。The so-called eternal love, is from the beauty to white hair, from flower to flower。

34、空想会想出很多绝妙的主意,但却办不成任何事情。Dream will come up with a lot of brilliant idea, but will not do anything。

35、所谓门槛,过去了就是门,没过去就成了槛。The so-called threshold, the past is the door, not the past has become the sill。

36、每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功的路。Every successful person has a start。 Start bravely to find a successful way。

37、盆景秀木正因为被人溺爱,才破灭了成为栋梁之材的梦。Bonsai show wood because of being spoiled, shattered become useful to our dream。

38、不管多么险峻的高山,总是为不畏艰难的人留下一条攀登的路。No matter how steep mountains, are always for those who left a climbing road。

39、不经历风雨,长不成大树,不受百炼,难以成钢。Do not experience wind and rain, not the tree long, from the devil, it is difficult to produce。

40、不大可能的事也许今天实现,根本不可能的事也许明天会实现。Unlikely things may achieve today, impossible things maybe tomorrow will come true。

41、知识是珍贵宝石的结晶,文化是宝石放出的光泽。Knowledge is the crystallization of the precious gems, culture is the luster of the gem released。

42、勇士搏出惊涛骇流而不沉沦,懦夫在风平浪静也会溺水。Warriors stroke turbulent flow without destruction, tragic coward in calm drowning。

43、成功呈概率分布,关键是你能不能坚持到成功开始呈现的那一刻。Success probability distribution, the key is you can stick to a successful start to present at that moment。

44、对于强者,要关注他们的灵魂,对于弱者,他关注他们的生存。For the strong, to pay attention to their souls, for the weak, he focuses on their survival。

45、明确的目标和执著的精神几乎可以让你实现任何理想,达成任何目标!Clear goals and persevering spirit can let you achieve almost any ideal, to achieve any goal!

46、天再高又怎样,踮起脚尖就更接近阳光。私心胜者,可以灭公。Day no matter how high and how, stood on tiptoe is closer to the sun。 The winner of the selfishness, can destroy the public。

47、成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。Success is not in the future, but from the moment you decided to do, continue to accumulate。

48、人生舞台的大幕随时都可能拉开,关键是你愿意表演,还是选择躲避。Stage of the life should be open at any moment, the key is you willing to performance, still choose to avoid。

49、要冒一险!整个生命就是一场冒险,走得最远的人常是愿意去做愿意去冒险的人。Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure, the furthest people are often willing to do like to take the risk。

50、如同磁铁吸引四周的铁粉,热情也能吸引周围的人,改变周围的情况。Around like a magnet attracts iron powder, also can attract the people around you, change the situation around。

51、男人有钱就变坏。是的,很多男人是这样,不过,有钱就变坏的男人就算没钱,也好不到哪里去。The man is rich, is bad。 Yes, many men so, however, money is bad man even if have no money, no better。

52、伟大的事业不是靠力气速度和身体的敏捷完成的,而是靠性格意志和知识的力量完成的。Great works are performed not by strength speed and physical agility, but by character will and the power of knowledge。

53、那些尝试去做某事却失败的人,比那些什么也不尝试做却成功的人不知要好上多少。Those who try to do something failed, than those who try to do nothing but successful people do not know how much better。

54、当一个人真正觉悟的一刻,他放弃追寻外在世界的财富,而开始追寻他内心世界的真正财富。When a person true consciousness of the moment, he gave up his pursuit of the wealth of the outside world, and began to pursue his real wealth in the heart of the world。

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